For the past Seventeen years my mission has been to make sure artists and professionals have the tools for ultimate success. I am excited to share with you my success, and struggles from the past 17 years. My goal is to give you the tools that you need for success in a practical and simplistic way. 

A&R Director. speaker. SUCCESS COACH.

About Mattrix

Mattrix Minute

The Mattrix brings his 17 years of experience within the music industry, customer experiences, and marketing in a high impact event. 

For the past Seventeen years my obsession has been to see artists have the tools for ultimate success, The Music industry is a very private industry and that leaves a lot of artists with sense of uncertainty about to achieve success.

The Mattrix is committed to your success. So with the release of "Mattrix Minute" you will receive  a simplistic and practical approach to success in a quick (One minute) and energetic approach.

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